Antarctica Collection

Raymond Danowski, an American bibliophile and philanthropist, has long been a benefactor of libraries in South Africa, not least at the University of Cape Town. Some years ago he donated (and has continued to add to) his collection of materials on all aspects of Antarctica to the Diocesan College (also known as Bishops School), here in Cape Town. When the collection became so specialised that it outgrew its usefulness in a secondary educational environment, arrangements were made to transfer it Special Collections, at UCT Libraries. 

This collection may be of interest to political scientists, international and environmental legal scholars and researchers, natural scientists and geologists, as well as historians and environmentalists. The collection is an active one, with new items being acquired and gaps identified and filled. It consists of about 350 titles, and works may be identified in the online catalogue by the prefix ‘BDA’ in front of the shelf number.