African Women in Data Science: 8-10 March 2022
This is a free online event open to anyone across Africa. Conference (8th March) - The Hackathon (9th-10th March) will only be open to women in SKA African Partner Countries. DEADLINE to register: 31 January 2022
Comments to the recent combo of wave heights in Cape Town
UCT physical oceanographer Mathieu Rouault said what was unusual about Wednesday’s waves was their swell direction and PhD student Marc de Vos further explains the rare occurrence based on scientific data.
SA’s first black observational ocean biogeochemist
PhD graduand from the Dept of Oceanography is SA's first black observational ocean biogeochemist
ICTP Prize winner 2021 - Dr Rondrotiana Barimalala
The 2021 ICTP Prize is awarded to Rondrotiana Barimalala for her outstanding and pioneering contributions that have advanced our understanding of the role of the Indian Ocean on the climate of Madagascar and southern Africa and its response to...
MARiS Postdoc opportunity
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Observations and Modelling of Polar Aerosols at the Marine and Antarctic Research Centre for Innovation and Sustainability (MARIS), University of Cape Town


Thursday, 27 January 2022
Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans - Winners 2020

Congratulations! Dr. Moagabo Ragoasha (postdoctoral lecturer in the Dept of Oceanography) has made it on the M&G200YoungSouthAfricans list 2020 in the Science & Technology category. She is also the first black South African woman to get a PhD in physical oceanography. 

Publication Date:
Wed, 07 Oct 2020 - 12:30
UCT's Woman's Day event


Oceanographer, Dr. Katye Altieri (one of three grantees of the ForWomxnByWomxn scholarship) and her ocean womxn team (Faith February, Kolisa Sinyanya, Sizwekazi Yapi, Wanjiru Thiothi & Thando Mazomba) participated in UCTs' virtual Womxn's Day event.

Publication Date:
Thu, 20 Aug 2020 - 14:00
World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum's 2020 Young Scientist Community

Senior Lecturer, Dr Sarah Fawcett was honoured by the World Economic Forum to form part of the Class of 2020 Young Scientists,  in recognition of her contribution to cutting-edge research


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Fri, 29 May 2020 - 08:00
UCT's FLAIR fellows 2020

Congratulations!  Dr Rondrotiana Barimalala and Dr Ross Blamey, from the Dept. of Oceanography on their achievement to form part of the 2020 cohort of Future Leaders – African Independent Research (FLAIR) fellows.

Publication Date:
Thu, 28 May 2020 - 16:00