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Lwandle Oceanographic Resource Center

About the Resource Centre

The "Lwandle" Oceanographic Resource Centre often referred to as the Oceanography Library was established to serve as an on-the -spot working collection. Although the resource centre is mainly used by staff and students of the Oceanography Department, it extends it services to all members of the university community as well.

The Library holdings comprise of reference books, general books and journals on marine research, as well as a collection of reports, reprints, conference proceedings and theses.  


  • Books

The books are arranged alphabetically by author for each subtopic (which includes: Antartica, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Climatology and Global Change)

  • Journals

Journals are arranged alphabetically by title.

  • Theses

PhD and Masters theses are arranged alphabetically by author.

Honours theses are arranged by year and then alphabetically by author.

(More recent theses in CD-ROM format are kept in the filing drawers - CD collection alternatively access to theses is available in the UCT Libraries catalogue

  • Maps

The map collection is housed in hanging cabinets

  • Newsletters, Reports, Conference Proceedings & Reprints

The Resource Center also houses a collection of Newsletters, Reports, Conference Proceedings & Reprints.

  • Short Loan Collection

The short loan collection is specifically for staff and post-graduate students of the Oceanography Dept. but from time to time will service the undergraduate students as well.