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Masters Students 2018


Masters by dissertation in Ocean & Atmospheric Science


 Riesna Audh











Thesis title: Physical and Biogeochemical Processes within the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone: Observations and Modelling

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / UCT)  & Dr. Sarah Fawcett (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) 



 Jessica Burger











Thesis title: Controls on new production and carbon export in the southern Benguela upwelling system: an observational and modelling approach

Supervisors:  Dr. Sarah Fawcett (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)  & A/Prof. Coleen Moloney (Dept. of Biological Sci., UCT)

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 Sean Evans










Thesis title: Influence of Changing Oceanographic Conditions on the Distribution of Top Predators in the Sub-Antarctic

Supervisors:  A/Prof. Isabelle Ansorge(Dept. of Oceanography, UCT), Dr. Anne Treasure(Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Prof. Nico de Bruyn (Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme MIMMP)



 Raquel Flynn











Thesis title: Investigating the nitrogen cycle of the southern Benguela Upwelling system using the dual isotopes of nitrogen

Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Fawcett (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)  & A/Prof. Julie Granger (Univ. of Connecticut) 

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 Heather Forrer












Thesis title: Identifying the drivers of the Subantarctic biological pump 

Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Fawcett (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)


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 Keneilwe Hlahane 










Thesis title: : A Remote Sensing Analysis of MERIS satellite data for monitoring Eutrophication in the Vaal River System

Supervisors: Prof. Chris Reason (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT), Dr. Mark Matthews (CyanoLakes(Pty)Ltd)



 Benita Maritz










Thesis title: Vertical atmospheric variability measured in the lower atmosphere (0 – 200 m) over False Bay, South Africa

Supervisors: Dr. Katye Altieri  (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Prof. Alexander M.J. van Eijk (The Netherlands)



 Sbongile Meyiwa









Thesis title: Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Fantala using WRF Model

Supervisor/s: Prof. Chris Reason (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)



Ngwako Mohale










Thesis title: Identification and characterization of mesoscale and submesoscale features across the SAMBA transect.

Supervisors: A/Prof. Isabelle Ansorge (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Dr. Tarron Lamont (Dept. of Environmental Affairs)



 Ayanda Mpalweni












Thesis title: Characterising the seasonal response of the mixed-layer and the transitional-layer to the passage of storms in the Sub-Antarctic Zone

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Dr. Sarah-Anne Nicholson (CSIR)



 Ruan Parrott











Thesis title: Biogeochemical cycling, carbon export, and phytoplankton community dynamics across the Greater Agulhas Current System

Supervisor/s: Dr. Sarah Fawcett (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)  & Dr. David Walker (CPUT)



 Mishka Rawatla 












Thesis title: Seasonal and intra-seasonal variability in the ocean flux of carbon dioxide in the sub-Antarctic zone of South Africa 

Supervisors: Dr. Katye Altieri (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)  & Dr. Pedro Monteiro (CSIR)



 Jonathan Rogerson












Thesis title: Not all models are created equal: assessing parameterizations of iron dynamics in ocean biogeochemical models

Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) 



 Nicholas Salonen










Thesis title: Using Numerical Models to Predict the Probability of Rogue Wave Occurrence in False Bay, South Africa

Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Dr. Christo Rautenbach (SAWS, Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)



 Shantelle Smith












Thesis title: 




 Kurt Spence










Thesis title: Investigation of coarse and fine mode nitrogen aerosols in coastal and open ocean regions

Supervisor/s: Dr Katye Altieri (UCT) and Casper Labuschagne (South African Weather Service, SAWS)


Masters by dissertation in Physical Oceanography


 Ehlke De Jong

Thesis title: Antarctic seasonal and inter-annual relationship between the Marginal Ice Zone extent and the total sea ice extent: Comparison of in situ ASPeCt observations and satellite passive microwave estimates
Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / Oceanography Dept., UCT)


Cristina Russo





Thesis title: Physical Oceanographic Processes that occur along the Transkei Shelf
Supervisors: A/Prof. Isabelle Ansorge (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT), Dr. Tarron Lamont (Dept. of Environmental Affairs), Dr. Ray Barlow (Ma-Re, UCT)


Masters in Applied Ocean Sciences (Taught Masters)



Wade De Kock










Thesis title: Analysis of seawater properties in the Southern Ocean around the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) using animal-borne observations

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi (Ma-Re / Dept of Oceanography, UCT) & Dr. Anne Treasure (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) 




 Precious Mahlalela







Thesis title: An analysis of the southern Atlantic anticyclone in relations to rainfall over the winter rainfall region of South Africa and sea surface temperature in the Southern Ocean.

Supervisors: Prof. Chris Reason (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) & Dr. Ross Blamey (Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)