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Academic Staff

Dr. Katye Altieri

BSc (Hons) New Jersey, PhD Rutgers University, MPP Princeton University 
Area(s) of Interests: Atmosphere-ocean interactions, atmospheric chemistry, marine biogeochemistry, climate change, atmospheric observations and modeling in the marine environment, air pollution and health   

Contact information: Phone (021) 650 1222  Fax (021) 650 3679  




Associate Prof. Isabelle Ansorge

BSc (Hons) Plymouth MSc PhD Cape Town
Head of Department
Area(s) of Interests: Southern Ocean dynamics, Southern Ocean eddy transports of heat and salt, Frontal dynamics and variability in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its effects on Sub-antarctic Islands.

Contact information: Phone (021) 650 3280  Fax (021) 650 3679  




Dr. Sarah Fawcett

BA (Hons) Harvard University, MA PhD Princeton University
Area(s) of Interests: Biogeochemical oceanography, nitrogen isotopes and the nitrogen and carbon cycles, drivers of primary productivity, nutrient drawdown, and the biological pump in the subtropical and polar oceans, the role of the oceans in past, present, and future climate   

Contact information: Phone (021) 650 5369  Fax (021) 650 3679  




Prof. Chris Reason

BSc (Hons) Cape Town MPhil City MSc PhD British Columbia
Area(s) of Interests: Southern Hemisphere climate variability and change, South Atlantic and South Indian Oceans, coastal and mesoscale meteorology, severe weather, ocean and atmosphere modelling 

Contact information: Phone (021) 650 5311  Fax (021) 650 3679  



Associate Prof. Marcello Vichi

MSc Bologna PhD Oldenburg
Associate Professor
Area(s) of Interests: Coupled Physical/Biogeochemical Modelling, Earth System Modelling, Climate Impacts on Marine Ecosystems, Process Studies of Biogeochemical Dynamics in the Regional and Global Ocean

Contact information: Phone (021) 650 1493 Fax (021) 650 3679