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Oceanography Publications 2016


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Phd in Ocean & Atmospheric Science:

  1. Nicholson, Sarah-Anne (2016).  Intra-Seasonal Variability of Southern Ocean Primary Production: the Role of Storms and Mesoscale Turbulence. (pp.135) 
  2. Smith, Marie (2016). The use of reflectance classification for chlorophyll algorithm application across multiple optical water types in South African coastal waters

MSc by dissertation in: Ocean & Atmospheric Science 

  1. Schilperoort, Daniel (2016). The Effect of the Agulhas Current on Synthetic Aperture Radar Derived Wind Fields. (pp.110) 

MSc by dissertaion in: Physical Oceanography

  1. Little, Hazel (2016). Quantifying spatial and temporal scales of phytoplankton variability in the Sub-Antarctic Ocean using a high-resolution glider dataset. (pp.81)