Climate Workshop

11 Dec 2013 - 10:15

Workshop Title: From Climate Science to Climate Services for Society

UK coordinator: Dr. Jane Strachan, Met Office

South Africa coordinator: Prof. Chris Reason, University of Cape Town

Discipline: Climate science and its applications, social science and related disciplines

Dates and venue: 3th – 6th March 2014, Cape Town, South Africa


The British Council has launched a new five-year programme to encourage international research collaboration between ambitious young researchers from the UK and eighteen countries around the world. The British Council Researcher Links programme provides opportunities for early career researchers from the UK and internationally to interact, learn from each other and explore opportunities to build long-lasting research collaborations.

As part of this programme, a ‘call to action’ was issued for leading researchers to propose themes for bilateral workshops which bring together early career researchers to discuss their research and build international relationships. We are now recruiting early career researchers and welcome applications to attend the above workshop.

The workshops will provide a unique opportunity to network and share research expertise. During the workshops researchers will have the opportunity to present their research in the form of a poster and short oral presentations and discuss this with established researchers from the UK and partner countries. There will be a focus on building links for future collaborations. Participants will be selected on the basis of their research potential, ability to build long-term links, and their motivation towards the aims of the workshop.

The British Council will cover workshop participation costs, including: travel (both international and local), accommodation and meals. Costs for the visa will be covered; however participants will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements. Participants are encouraged to purchase adequate travel and medical insurance (this cost will not be covered by the British Council). The British Council accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur when the participants are in-country.


Workshop Theme:

Climate variability and change combined with increasing vulnerability and exposure to hazardous conditions present unprecedented challenges to society. It is essential that we not only improve our understanding of climate and our climate predictions, but also maximise the use of science through the provision of climate information in a way that assists society. The development of climate services will allow climate information to be incorporated into planning, policy and practice, facilitating climate-smart decisions.

The effective development of useable climate services requires strong communication between the providers of climate information and climate-sensitive decision makers in industry, public and government. While multidisciplinary partnerships will allow climate information to be combined with relevant social and environmental information.

Through interactive sessions, industry engagement and cultural exchange participants will develop knowledge, innovative thinking and national, international and interdisciplinary links. This will equip researchers with skills and confidence to be able to realise the potential of their research to benefit society and the economy, and bring knowledge and strength to future research projects.

The workshop is aligned to the Global Framework for Climate Services, led by the World Meteorological Organisation, which seeks to enable researchers, producers and users of information to join forces to improve the quality and quantity of climate services worldwide.

Application and Deadline:

The full application below must be completed and submitted by Wednesday December 18th 2013 to:


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted using the Researcher Links application form
  • Application must be submitted before the above deadline
  • Participants must be early career researchers: Early Career Researchers are defined as holding a PhD (or having equivalent research or industrial experience) and having up to 10 years post-PhD research and/or industry experience. They are equivalent to the ‘Recognised Researcher’ and sometimes ‘Experienced Researcher’ categories in the EU framework for researchers’ careers.

  • Participants must have a research or academic position (either a permanent post, research contract, or fellowship etc) at a recognised research institution either in the UK or in South Africa


Quality Assessment

    -  Experience and relevance of the applicant’s research area to the workshop

    -  Motivation and potential to contribute to the aims of the workshop

    -  Description of the long term impact expected through the participation in the workshop

    -  Ability to disseminate workshop’s outcomes


Selection Procedure:

    -  Eligibility check

    -  Quality assessment


Notification of results:

Applicants will be notified by email 6 weeks prior to the workshop.


Equal Opportunities

The British Council is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in all its activities and this includes the avoidance of any bias in the assessment of applications due to gender, disability, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious belief. Participants’ selection undertaken by workshop organisers must not contravene this policy. Extra support to enable participation of early career researchers with special needs will be given.


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