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Publications 2021



De Kock WM, Blamey RC, Reason CJ. (2021). Large summer rainfall events and their importance in mitigating droughts over the South Western Cape, South Africa. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 22(3):587-599.

De Vos M, Barnes M, Biddle L, Swart S, Ramjukadh C-L, Vichi M. (2021). Evaluating numerical and free-drift forecasts of sea ice drift during a Southern Ocean research expedition: An operational perspective. Journal of Operational Oceanography, (0). 

Hague M, Vichi M. (2021). Southern Ocean Biogeochemical Argo detect under-ice phytoplankton growth before sea ice retreat. Biogeosciences, 8:25–38. 

Ndarana T, Rammopo TS, Bopape MJ, Reason CJ, Chikoore H. (2021). Downstream development during South African cut-off low pressure systems. Atmospheric Research, 249:105315.

Thoithi W, Blamey RC, Reason CJ. (2021). Dry spells, wet days and their trends across southern Africa during the summer rainy season. Geophysical Research Letters: e2020GL091041.