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Recent Publications



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  3. Crétat J, Pohl B, Dieppois B, Berthou S, Pergaud J. (2019). The Angola Low: relationship with southern African rainfall and ENSO. Climate Dynamics, 52(3-4):1783-1803.  
  4. Dilmahamod F, Penven P, Aguiar Gonzalez B, Reason C, Hermes J. (2019), A new definition of the South‐East Madagascar Bloom and analysis of its variability, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 124.
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  21. Zhao X, Dupont L, Schefuß E, Granger R, Wefer G. (2019). Late-Holocene oceanic variability in the southern Benguela region driven by interplay of upwelling, fluvial discharge, and Agulhas leakage. The Holocene, 29(2):219-30. DOI: 10.1177/0959683618810396


Van der Geest K. et al. (2019). The Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services and Resulting Losses and Damages to People and Society. In: Mechler R., Bouwer L., Schinko T., Surminski S., Linnerooth-Bayer J. (eds) Loss and Damage from Climate Change. Climate Risk Management, Policy and Governance. Springer, Cham