False Bay

False Bay Project

ADCPThe False Bay Project is a collaborative project between the Marine Research Institute at the University of Cape Town (UCT) through the Oceanography department and the Institute of Maritime Technology through the South African Navy (IMT).  The overarching aim of this study is to further our understanding of False Bay in terms of its’ oceanography and biological processes.  Currently UCT student, Renae Logston, is investigating upwelling cell development and their circulation within the bay on a temporal and spatial scale.  She plans to use this information to analyse fish and top predator movement in relation to the upwelling cell’s development in the bay.  The 2014 Oceanography Honour students participated in collecting the in situ data for the False Bay Project via conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) instrument, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and an anemometer to record wind.  The students also had an opportunity to become Class IV commercial divers and were able to deploy the ADCPs throughout False Bay.  The Honour students were also given the opportunity to use the data for their Honour’s project, which will be completed by the end of October 2014.