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PhD Students

 Riesna Audh

Thesis title: Physical and biogeochemical processes in the Atlantic sector of the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone: observations and modelling.

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Marcello Vichi (MARIS, UCT) and Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT) 

Website: The Fawcett LAB


 Jessica Burger

Thesis title: A stable isotopic approach to investigating the sources and cycling of atmospheric nitrate in the remote atmosphere of the Southern Ocean

Supervisor/s: Dr Katye Altieri(UCT)

Website: The Fawcett LAB


 Wayne De Jager

Thesis title: Detection and identification of mechanisms and trends of sea ice drift variability in the Southern Ocean.

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Marcello Vichi (MARIS, UCT)



Ehlke De Jong

Thesis title:

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Marcello Vichi (MARIS, UCT)



 Wade De Kock

Thesis title: An analysis of large summer rainfall events in the Western and Northern Cape

Supervisors: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)



Marc De Vos

Thesis title: The Nearshore Dynamics around The Cape Peninsula: Towards Comprehensive Marine Meteorological Information Services

Supervisors: Dr Christo Rautenbach(South African Weather Service) and A/Prof Marcello Vichi (UCT)



Laique Djeutchouang

Thesis title: An Investigation of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Drivers of the Decadal Variability of the Seasonal Cycle of Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes in the Southern Ocean

Supervisors: A/Prof Marcello Vichi (UCT)  Dr Pedro Monteiro(CSIR) and A/Prof Francois Engelbrecht (Wits Univ.)  


Kirsty Du Plessis

Thesis title: Upwelling along the Agulhas bank in relation to commercial fisheries data, modelled data, and hake stocks in the region of interest

Supervisors: A/Prof Marcello Vichi (UCT) and Robert Landman (I&J)


Faith February

Thesis title: Influence of Environmental parameters on aerosol size distributions in False Bay, South Africa

 Supervisors: Dr Katye Altieri(UCT)  Prof Piazzola(Univ. of Toulon, France)  Prof Alexander van Eijk(The Netherlands)

Website: The Altieri LAB

oceanWOMxN '20


Raquel Flynn

Thesis title: 

Supervisor/s: Dr Sarah Fawcett(UCT)

Website: The Fawcett LAB


Frank Ghomsi

Thesis title: Interannual, decadal variability and long-term trends of the Sea Level Anomaly in the tropical Atlantic

Supervisor/s: Mathieu Rouault(Nansen-Tutu Centre, UCT) and Roshin P. Raj (NERSC, Norway)


 Isabelle Giddy

Thesis title: Submesoscale processes in the Marginal Ice Zone of Antarctica

Supervisors: Prof Isabelle Ansorge (UCT)  Dr Sebastiaan Swart (Univ. of Gothenburg) and Dr Nicolsen (CSIR)



Robyn Granger

Thesis title: Ground-truthing organic and inorganic palaeoceanographic proxies in the Benguela Upwelling System in order to reconstruct oceanic changes throughout the last glacial-interglacial cycle.

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT)  and Dr Susanne Fietz (Stellenbosch University)

 Website: The Fawcett LAB


Bafana Gweba

Thesis title: Numerical modelling of wave-current interaction in the Agulhas current towards better sea-state information systems

Supervisors: Prof Mathieu Rouault (NTC, UCT), Dr Marjolaine Krug (CSIR)  & Dr Pierick Penven (IRD, France)



Candice Hall

Thesis title: A novel technical approach to addressing wave power and energy flux variability over the last three decades.

Supervisor/s: Prof Isabelle Ansorge(UCT)  Dr Robert Jensen(Chicago) & Dr David Wang(USA)



Herman Luyt

Thesis title: Assimilating regionally tailored satellite SSTs in an assimilative model of the Agulhas and Benguela Currents

Supervisor/s: Dr François Counillon, Dr Santha Akella, Dr Björn Backeberg(NERSC, Norway  Dr Jennifer Veitch(SAEON), Prof Mathieu Rouault(UCT)


Precious Mahlalela

Thesis title: Rainfall Variability and Change over the east coast of South Africa

Supervisors: Prof Chris Reason and Dr Ross Blamey (UCT)



Tanya Marshall

Thesis title: Investigating the Nitrogen Budget of the Subtropical South Atlantic Ocean

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT)

Website: The Fawcett LAB



 Mhlangabezi Mdutyana

Thesis title: A seasonal comparison of the kinetics and biogeochemical implications of nitrogen uptake and regeneration in the Southern Ocean

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT) and Dr Sandy Thomalla (CSIR)

 Website: The Fawcett LAB


Belinda Monyela

Thesis title: The role of ENSO on southern African rainfall

Supervisor/s: Prof Mathieu Rouault (Nansen-Tutu Centre, UCT)




Dedricks Morake

Thesis title: The intensification of mesoscale convective systems in the Mozambique Channel

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason (UCT)  



 Frieda Geldenhys Morrison

Thesis title: Intriguing Phytoplankton Dynamics: Incorporating additional carbon and ultrastructure components into the Equivalent Algal Population (EAP) and Inherent Optical Properties (IOP) models 

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Marcello Vichi(UCT)  Dr Stewart Bernard (CSIR)  Dr Lisl Lain(UCT)



Oliver Moses

Thesis title: Climate variability and change in the Okavango River Basin

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason  and Dr Ross Blamey(UCT)  


Ayanda Mpalweni 

Thesis title: Seasonal features of Antarctic sea ice and relationships with humpback whales and other marine mammals distribution

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Marcello Vichi(UCT) 




Lerato Mpheshea

Thesis title:

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)

oceanWOMxN '21



Ntanganedzeni Ramugondo

Thesis title: A synoptic climatology of extremely wet and dry seasons over South Africa's summer rainfall region

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)  and Dr Mark Tadross(CSAG, UCT) 



 Mishka Rawatlal

Thesis title: The chemical characterisation of aerosol organic nitrogen in the remote marine atmosphere

Supervisor/s: Dr Katye Altieri(UCT) 

Website: The Altieri LAB


 Jonathan Rogerson

Thesis title: Investigation of mechanisms leading to seasonal hypoxia in the Southern Benguela
Upwelling system

Supervisor/s: Dr Sarah Fawcett(UCT) & Dr Jennifer Veitch(SAEON)



Caroline Sejeng

Thesis title: 

Supervisor/s: Prof Isabella Ansorge(UCT)



 Kolisa Sinyanya  

Thesis title: Microbe nutrient interactions and microbial community dynamics in the South Atlantic Indian Ocean

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT) 

Website: The Fawcett LAB 

oceanWOMAxN '20


Shantelle Smith

Thesis title:





Mthetho Sovara

Thesis title:

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)



 Luca Stirnimann

Thesis title: Zooplankton and phytoplankton dynamics in the open Southern Ocean and surrounding the Subantarctic islands 

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Fawcett (UCT)  and Dr Tommy Bornman (SAEON)

 Website: The Fawcett LAB


Shaveenah Taukoor

Thesis title: Upwelling along the inshore edge of the Agulhas current: A modelling approach

Supervisor/s: Prof Isabelle Ansorge(UCT)  Dr Pierrick Penven(IRD, France)  Dr Thulwaneng Mashifane(UCT) Dr Tarron Lamont(DEA)



Wanjiru Thoithi

Thesis title: Regression analysis of the influence of topography on rainfall variability in the Limpopo River Basin

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)

oceanWOMAxN '20


Serge Tomety

Thesis title: Coastal climate change and variability in the Benguela Current System

Supervisor/s: Prof Mathieu Rouault(Nansen-Tutu Centre, UCT) and Serena Illig (IRD, France)



Louw Uys

Thesis title: Wave field modification due to wave-current interaction in the northern Agulhas Current and potential impacts on ship safety.

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT)



Lynette van Schalkwyk

Thesis title: Drylines in southern Africa

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(UCT) and Dr Ross Blamey(UCT)



Sina Wallschuss

Thesis title: Oceanic N2O “hotspots”: an investigation of the sources, sinks and driving mechanisms of N2O in the Benguela upwelling system and Atlantic Southern Ocean.

Supervisor/s: Dr Sarah Fawcett(UCT)  Anja Van der Plas(Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia)  A/Prof Annie Bourbonnais(Univ South Carolina, USA)



Christo Whittle

Thesis title: Development of Benguela optimized MODIS earth observation algorithms to characterize the spatial and temporal variability of harmful algal bloom occurrence in the southern Benguela from 2001 to 2020

Supervisor/s: Prof Mathieu Rouault (Nansen-Tutu Centre, UCT)



Ashleigh Womack

Thesis title: Atmospheric drivers of sea-ice drift in the Antarctic marginal ice zone” for now. 

Supervisor/s:  A/Prof  Marcello Vichi (MARIS, UCT)