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Honours Students 2017


 Jonathan Rogerson

Project title:  Metrics and techniques to validate global ocean iron models

Supervisor/s:  A/Prof. Marcello Vichi 








  Kerry Cross

Project title: Measuring the impact Agulhas leakage has on water mass content across the South Atlantic sub-gyre
Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Isabelle Ansorge, Dr. Sarah Fawcett, Dr. Tarron Lamont


 Kurt Spence

Project title: Quantifying key species in the surface ocean-lower atmosphere nitrogen cycle 
Supervisor/s: Dr. Katye Altieri, Casper Labuschagne


  Nicholas Salonen

Project title: Effect of the local stratification on the signature of coastal wave propagation triggering Benguela Niño events: Case study  of the 2001 event 
Supervisor/s: Dr. Serena Illig, A/Prof. Mathieu Rouault, Dr. Marie-Lou Bachelery



   Nkululeko Memela

Project title: Analysis of drought in the Western Cape
Supervisor/s: Prof. Chris Reason


​  Riesna Audh

Project title: Characterising physical and biogeochemical properties of sea ice margins during South African cruises
Supervisor/s:  A/Prof. Marcello Vichi


  Ruan Parrott

Project title: Organic carbon export and phytoplankton community composition across the Agulhas System Climate Array
Supervisor/s:  ​Dr. Sarah Fawcett, Dr. David Walker









  Sean Evans

Project title: Temporal variability of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a in an upwelling region offshore of Slangkop using remote sensed data sets
Supervisor/s:  Kate Munnik, A/Prof. Isabelle Ansorge, Dr. Tarron Lamont


  Shantelle Smith

Project title: Steady-state box modelling of ammonia/um isotopes in the Southern Ocean
Supervisor/s:  Dr. Katye Altieri


​  Tumelo  Maja

Project title: The annual cycle of the Angola Current
Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Mathieu Rouault