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Honours Students 2019


 Benjamin Oliver

Project title:   A performance evaluation of NOAAs WWIII model using the Cape Point wave buoy.

Supervisor/s:  Prof. Chris Reason(UCT) & Jennifer Veitch





  Eesaa Harris

Project title:  The identification of biogeochemical processes within the Mozambique Channel
Supervisor/s:  Dr Sarah Fawcett(UCT)

 Jennifer Dove

Project title:  Investigating the behaviour of the Zambezi River plume in the Mozambique Channel
Supervisor/s:  Prof Chris Reason(UCT)
 Joshua Mirkin
Project title: Water property analysis as a means of determining meltwater sources and circulation within the Weddell Sea
Supervisor/s: Dr Sarah Fawcett(UCT) & A/Prof. Adam West






  Kelcey Maewashe

Project title:  Determining  the chemical composition of aerosols and mapping their air-mass back trajectory
Supervisor/s:  Dr Katye Altieri(UCT)


 Sejal  Pramlall 

Project title:  Polar cyclone tracking on Antarctic sea ice
Supervisor/s:  A/Prof. Marcello Vichi & Ehlke de Jong(UCT)

​  Sive Xokashe

 Project title:  A coupled approach in studying atmospheric aerosols using thermodynamic modelling and observations
Supervisor/s:  Dr Katye Altieri(UCT)

 Sonia Heye

Project title:  Impact of the Agulhas Current mesoscale variability on surface dispersion in the KwaZulu Natal Bight
Supervisor/s: ​Dr Marjolaine Krug(CSIR), Dr Jenny Veitch & Prof. Mathieu Rouault (UCT)






  Tesha Toolsee

Project title: Characterising the seasonal cycle and interannual variability of surface hydrographic conditions around the Prince Edwards Islands
Supervisor/s:  A/Prof Isabelle Ansorge(UCT)  Dr Tarron Lamont

 Wayne de Jager

Project title: Comparison of sea-ice edge detection methods in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Supervisor/s:  A/Prof Marcello Vichi(UCT) & co-supervisior: Marc de Vos(SAWS)