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Masters by dissertation in Ocean & Atmospheric Science (SEA 500W)


Heather Forrer

Thesis title: Identifying the drivers of the Subantarctic biological pump 

Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Fawcett(Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)

Website: The Fawcett LAB



Eesaa Harris

Thesis title: 

Supervisors: Dr. Sarah Fawcett(Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)

Website: The Fawcett LAB



 Sonia Heye





 Kelcey Maewashe






 Joshua Mirkin






Nomvula Mpungose

Thesis title: Rainfall characteristics over the KZN region

Supervisors: Chris Reason (UCT)




Aphiwe Mtetandaba

Thesis title: The provenance, spread and geographic extent of harmful algal blooms in the South African coastline.  

Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi(Ma-Re / Dept. of Oceanography, UCT) , Dr. Stewart Bernard (CSIR) & Dr. Marie Smith (CSIR)



 Kurt Spence

Thesis title: Investigation of coarse and fine mode nitrogen aerosols in coastal and open ocean regions

Supervisor/s: Dr Katye Altieri(UCT) & Casper Labuschagne (South African Weather Services)



Wanjiru Thoithi

Thesis title: Rainfall Characteristics over the Limpopo and Rufiji River Basins

Supervisor/s: Prof Chris Reason(Dept. of Oceanography, UCT)




Sive Xokashe

Thesis title: 

Supervisor/s: Dr Katye Altieri(UCT) 



Masters by dissertation in Physical Oceanography (SEA 5001W)


 Wayne de Jager


Thesis title: 



Ruth Farre

Thesis title: 




 Maria Ingreso

Thesis title: Investigating teleconnections between extreme events at the South African coastline and large-scale atmospheric drivers using machine learning. 

Supervisors: Albertus J. Smith(Univ. of Johannesburg), Christo Rautenbach(SAWS), Marcello Vichi(UCT), Rakhee Lakhraj-Govender( Tshwane Univ. of Technology)


Benjy Oliver

Thesis title: 





Tesha Toolsee

Thesis title: 





Ashleigh Womack

Thesis title: Atmospheric drivers of ice drift in the Antarctic marginal ice zone

Supervisors: A/Prof. Marcello Vichi(Ma-Re / UCT)  




Ocean Science (minor dissertation) SEA 5012W

  • Zanele Binase
  • Bongiwe Jojo
  • Thando Mazomba
  • Nkululeko Memela
  • Malwase Shingange
  • Sizwekazi Yapi
Liisa Shangheta (MSc by dissertation)

Thesis title: Are the Prince Edward islands sentinels to climate change or is ocean variability influencing their state?

Supervisors:  Prof Isabelle Ansorge(UCT), Dr Tarron Lamont(DEA) & Dr Otto Whitehead(SANBI)