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Postdoctoral Fellows

 Dr Marie-Lou Bachèlery 

Dr Marie-Lou Bachèlery is currently working as a post-doctoral fellow in the context of the PREFACE international project and the NRF Sarchi chair.






Research Interest: Her research covers physical and biogeochemical oceanography, physical/biogeochemical interactions, regional processes, and numerical modelling (coupled regional oceanic simulations) in coastal and open ocean sectors. She is mainly interested in the regional variability of the South-Eastern Atlantic Ocean with a special focus on the Benguela Upwelling System. Her research apprehends equatorial dynamics and its connection with the interannual coastal variability off the coasts of Angola, Namibia, and South-Africa.

Advisor:  A/Prof Mathieu Rouault (UCT)

Affiliations: PREFACE, Nansen-Tutu Centre



 Dr Rondrotiana Barimalala










Research interests: climate variability, coupled ocean - atmosphere processes, climate modelling. 
Currently focusing on the role of the tropical Indian Ocean on Central and Southern African climate variability.

Advisor: Prof Chris Reason (UCT)

Affiliation: This work is part of the UMFULA project , within the Future Climate For Africa Programme



Dr Fabien Desbiolles

Research interests:




Dr Luke Gregor

Research interests: 




Dr Georges-Noel Longandjo

Dr Georges-Noel T. Longandjo completed his PhD working on drivers of Central Africa rainfall annual cycle and variability.

Research interests: My research addresses fundamental questions in atmospheric and climate dynamics, land-ocean interactions, the water cycle, and past & future climate change

Advisor: A/Prof Mathieu Rouault (UCT)

Affiliation: Oceanography Department (SARChI), Nansen Tutu Center for Environmental Marine Research



 Dr Eleonora Puccinelli 

Dr Eleonora Puccinelli is a Marine Ecologist working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cape Town. She is specialized in trophic ecology of benthic intertidal and deep-sea ecosystems, focussing on the Southern Ocean Prince Edward Islands and the coastal area of False Bay in South Africa.






Research interest: Her research mainly focuses on understanding the effects of climate change, environmental factors and human activities on trophic dynamics of these ecosystems, and to evaluate possible solutions to these threats. Read more