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Research Activities

Agulhas Current

Contact: Prof. Chris Reason (impact on weather and climate, numerical modelling), Prof. Mathieu Rouault (ocean atmosphere interaction, impact on weather and climate, satellite remote sensing), Dr. Marjolaine Krug (satellite remote sensing), Dr. Bjorn Backeberg (HYCOM modelling, operational oceanography), Prof. Juliet Hermes (Modelling, ASCA array, ocean dynamics) Dr. Raymond Roman (hydrographic observations). Prof. Isabelle Ansorge (SAMOC-SA array - observations), Dr. Sarah Fawcett (nutrient cycling, phytoplankton community composition, primary production and carbon export) 


Ocean Atmosphere Interactions

Contact: Prof Chris ReasonProf Mathieu RouaultProf Juliet Hermes and Dr. Katye Altieri (air-sea biogeochemical fluxes)


Benguela Current

Contact: Prof. Chris Reason (numerical modelling), Dr. Jenny Veitch (ROMS modelling, operational oceanography), Prof. Mathieu Rouault (ocean climate change and variability and related impact on ecosystem) Dr. Sarah Fawcett (nutrient cycling, primary production and carbon export, nitrogen isotopes)


Southern Ocean

Contact: Prof. Isabelle Ansorge (physical observations, Subantarctic ecosystems), Prof. Chris Reason (numerical modelling, climatology, weather), Prof. Mathieu Rouault (climate change), Dr. Katye Altieri (marine aerosols, air-sea fluxes), Dr. Sarah Fawcett (nutrient cycling, primary production and carbon export, nitrogen isotopes, plankton community


Global Climate System

Contact: Prof. Chris Reason, Dr. Mathieu Rouault and Prof. Juliet Hermes


Rainfall Variability & Extreme Events

Contact: Prof. Chris Reason and Dr. Mathieu Rouault


False Bay

Contact: Dr. Sarah Fawcett (nutrient cycling, primary production, nitrogen isotopes, water quality, rocky shore communities)


SEAmester - South Africa's Floating University

Contact: Prof. Isabelle Ansorge, Dr. Sarah Fawcett and Dr. Katye Altieri