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Research Activities

Agulhas Current

  • Prof. Isabelle Ansorge - SAMOC-SA array - observations 
  • Dr Bjorn Backeberg - HYCOM modelling, operational oceanography 
  • Dr Sarah Fawcett - nutrient cycling, phytoplankton community composition, primary production and carbon export 
  • Prof. Juliet Hermes - Modelling, ASCA array, ocean dynamics 
  • Dr Marjolaine Krug - Satellite remote sensing
  • Prof. Chris Reason - Impact on weather and climate, numerical modelling 
  • Dr Raymond Roman - Hydrographic observations
  • Prof. Mathieu Rouault - Ocean atmosphere interaction, impact on weather and climate, satellite remote sensing

Ocean Atmosphere Interactions

  • Professors Chris Reason Mathieu Rouault, A/Prof. Juliet Hermes and Dr. Katye Altieri - Air-sea biogeochemical fluxes

Benguela Current

  • Dr Sarah Fawcett - Nutrient cycling, primary production and carbon export, nitrogen isotopes 
  • Prof. Chris Reason - Numerical modelling
  • Prof. Mathieu Rouault - Ocean climate change and variability and related impact on ecosystem
  • Dr Jenny Veitch - ROMS modelling, operational oceanography

Southern Ocean

  • Dr Katye Altieri - Marine aerosols, air-sea fluxes
  • Prof. Isabelle Ansorge - Physical observations, Subantarctic ecosystems 
  • Dr Sarah Fawcett - Nutrient cycling, primary production and carbon export, nitrogen isotopes, plankton community
  • Prof. Chris Reason - Numerical modelling, climatology, weather
  • Prof. Mathieu Rouault - Climate change 

Global Climate System

  • Professors Chris Reason, Mathieu Rouault and A/Prof. Juliet Hermes

Rainfall Variability & Extreme Events

  • Professors Chris Reason and  Mathieu Rouault 

False Bay

  • Dr Sarah Fawcett - Nutrient cycling, primary production, nitrogen isotopes, water quality, rocky shore communities

SEAmester - South Africa's Floating University

  • Prof. Isabelle Ansorge, Drs Sarah Fawcett and Katye Altieri