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Honorary Research Associates


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Dr Bjorn Backeberg PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: CSIR, Nansen Tutu Centre, UCT
Research interests: Principal researcher at the CSIR - works predominantly on numerical ocean modelling and data assimilation techniques, which are integral components in ocean climate research as well as ocean forecasting. One of his research objectives is to improve the ability to monitor and predict ocean state variables around South Africa up to the coast in support of maritime environmental activities and research  [Read more]

Dr Stewart Bernard PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: CSIR
Research interests: Researcher at the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa - specialising in remote sensing of the ocean with particular interests in multi-scale and sensor marine observation, ocean colour, bio-optics and harmful algal bloom research. Dr Bernard is active in capacity building in the Southern Africa through participation in ChloroGINNF-POGO Alumni Network for Oceans (NANO)EAMNet and other programmes.

Dr Julie Deshayes PhD Paris
Affiliation: French National Centre for Scientific Research, Laboratoire de physique des oceans (LPO)
Research interests: Research in physical oceanography in the perspective of understanding the role of the ocean in climate change. I am presently interested in the mechanisms of variability of the thermohaline circulation and its link with the formation of deep water in the North Atlantic. My intention is to use observations, theoretical results and numerical experiments in a comprehensive way. 

Dr Steven Herbette PhD Uni de Bretagne Occidentale
Affiliation: IRD, UBO, ICEMASA
Research interests:

Dr Warren Joubert PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: (SAWS) South African Weather Services
Research interests: Warren’s research is focused on carbon cycling in the marine environment. His background is marine chemistry, and holds a MSc investigating carbon remineralisation in relation to sediment oxygen demand on the organic rich mud belt along the Namibian inner shelf. Completed his PhD in 2014, investigating surface ocean primary productivity in the Atlantic Southern Ocean, using a variety of in situ observation techniques [Read more]

Dr Marjolaine Krug PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: CSIR, Nansen Tutu Centre, UCT
Research interests: Agulhas Current, satellite oceanography, coastal and shelf circulation. Current research focuses on the dynamics and variability of the Agulhas Current as well as interactions between the Agulhas Current and the coastal and shelf regions. She works extensively with satellite remote sensing data such as altimetry, sea surface temperature or surface current information derived from synthetic aperture radars  [Read more]

Dr Tarron Lamont PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: Oceans & Coastal Research, Dept. of Environmental Affairs (DEA)
Research interests: Coastal oceanography, remote sensing, Upwelling systems, greater Agulhas Current system 

Dr Pedro Monteiro PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: CSIR / MA-Re
Research interests: CO2, Southern Ocean, lower oxygen, Upwelling system. Understanding the coupled carbon-climate system in the Southern Ocean and the way that natural and anthropogenic CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean influence the long term trend of atmospheric CO2 - Understanding and modelling the incidence and variability of oxygen in shelf and oceanic systems and their ecosystem implications - Modelling the biophysical processes which start and maintain phytoplankton new production in upwelling and open ocean systems [Read more]

Dr Stephane Pous PhD Paris
Affiliation: MNHN LOCEAN, Paris, France
Research interests: circulation in the Indian Ocean, seasonal to interannual variability, mesoscale processes, impact on biology


Dr Pierrick Penven PhD UBO Brest
Affiliation: Institute of Research for Development (IRD) Paris, France
Research interests: ocean modelling and simulation (ROMS)


Dr Christo Rautenbach PhD Norway
Affiliation: (SAWS) South African Weather Services
Research interests: particular interests in multiphase flow modelling, digital image processing and experimental research.

Related field of study include the numerical modelling of coastal abiotic processes - coastal sediment transport, morphological numerical modelling and coastal vulnerability studies related to climate change. Experience in private engineering consulting and public research with an emphasis on ocean and coastal waves, shoreline morphodynamics, water quality, integrated coastal management, coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and marine forecasting  [Read more]

Dr Sebastiaan Swart PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: Univ. Gothenburg, Dept of Marine Science
Research interests: Ocean circulation, gliders, Southern ocean, physical oceanography, measurements. Particular research interest includes upper ocean processes and air-sea-ice interaction and its associated role in biogeochemical processes. Current focus is on developing a better understanding in the Southern Ocean Marginal Ice Zone and to effectively observe these processes and regions that require sophisticated observing techniques. Autonomous vehicles, such as ocean gliders are used to collect observations of the ocean’s surface and interior  [Read more]

Dr Sandy Thomallo PhD Cape Town
Affiliation: CSIR / MA-Re
Research interests: Understanding the biological carbon pump through measurements of phytoplankton community structure and primary production, and interpreting these data in terms of their physical and biogeochemical control mechanisms [Read more]