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Research Associates


Dr Stewart Bernard
Affiliation: CSIR
Research interests: Optical oceanography

Dr Kyle Brown
Research interests: Marine ecology

Dr Deidre Byrne
Research interests: Agulhas Current

Dr Christopher Duncombe Rae
Research interests: Coastal Ocean dynamics

Dr Nicolas Fauchereau
Affiliation: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand
Research interests: Climatology

Dr Juliet Hermes
Affiliation: SAEON 
Research interests: Regional ocean modelling

Dr Marjolaine Krug
Affiliation: CSIR, Nansen Tutu Centre, UCT
Research interests: Agulhas Current, satellite oceanography, coastal and shelf circulation

Dr Tarron Lamont
Affiliation: Oceans & Coastal Research, Department of Environmental Affairs
Research interests: Coastal oceanography, remote sensing, Upwelling systems, greater Agulhas Current system

Dr Alberto Mavume
Affiliation: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Research interests: Ocean atmosphere interaction, Mozambique Channel, coastal oceanography, storm surges, tropical cyclones, satellite oceanography

Dr Pedro Monteiro
Affiliation: CSIR
Research interests: CO2, Southern Ocean, lower oxygen, Upwelling system

Dr Claude Jacques Roy
Research interests: Fisheries oceanography, upwelling system

​​Dr Carlos Ruiz-Sebastián
Affiliation: MA-RE
Research interests: Marine ecology

Dr Sebastiaan Swart
Affiliation: CSIR
Research interests: Ocean circulation, Gliders, Southern ocean, physical oceanography, measurements