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Visiting Scientists

Current Long-term visitors

Dr Julie Deshayes


Affiliation: LPO, CNRS, Brest, France
Research interests: North Atlantic dense water formation, Meridional Overturning Circulation, global heat and freshwater pathways

Dr Steven Herbette
Affiliation: IRD, UBO, ICEMASA
Research interests: Physical oceanography​

Dr Francis Marsac
Affiliation IRD, ICEMASA
Research interests: Tuna behaviour and ecology, fisheries oceanography, fisheries management, Indian Ocean.

Dr Olivier Maury
Affiliation IRD, ICEMASA
Research interests:

Dr Stephane Pous
Affiliation: MNHN LOCEAN, Paris, France
Research interests: Circulation in the Indian Ocean, seasonal to interannual variability, mesoscale processes, impact on biology

Philippe Verley
Affiliation: ICEMASA, IRD, France
Research interests: Technical assistance​