Megan Greenwood

In 2011, Megan Greenwood completed her Masters in Social Anthropology, in which she explored the role of the past in the present, as brought to bear through St George’s Cathedral’s Crypt Centre for Memory and Witness. Her research documented the Crypt Centre’s research process towards an exhibition entitled Bearing Witness: The Story of the Cathedral Squatters. Based on the experience of 54 people who fasted in St George’s Cathedral in 1982, the exhibition was intended to provide a platform to address current socio-political questions.

Mario Pissarra

Mario Pissarra has great difficulty deciding what profession he belongs to. He wanted to be an artist, but he went to university. Since then he has done some lecturing, a bit of curating, quite a lot of writing, and a fair amount of editing. Sometimes he makes art. He also keeps a faded image of himself as a deejay.

Michael Nixon

I was born in Cape Town, and liked to spend my time on Signal Hill and at Boat Bay with my brothers, mixing up cakes or knitting with my mother, and discussing passing sea traffic and evolution with my grandfather. These activities were interrupted by schooling at Loreto Convent, Sea Point, and further disrupted by a move to Windhoek, and another soon thereafter to Pretoria, following my auditor father’s career moves.