Reichert FCS Cryo Ultramicrotome

The Reichert FCS Ultracut S Cryo Ultramicrotome is an advanced ultramicrotome providing ultra-thin sectioning in the 5-95 nm range, and semi-thin sectioning from 0.01-2.5 μm. The microtome is electronically controlled, with a number of features which make it possible to easily set up the cutting operation and control the thickness of the sections, including variable cutting speed, variable return speed, cutting window selection, and motorised fine feed.

Lecture 3: CryoEM

Recent developments in cryo-electron microscopy have enabled the determination of three-dimensional structure at both the macromolecular and cellular level; this, in turn, has led to a number of significant biological insights signalling the re-emergence of electron microscopy as major tool in structural biology.

Master Classes

Dance studies at the Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies is enriched by visiting local and international dance professionals. Our master classes series aims to expose students to the unique styles and creative processes of accomplished and innovative artists or companies in the field of dance.


Fri, 2018-01-12 15:19 -- 01404354

Having grown up in the villages and townships of Zambia, Professor Kelly Chibale became well acquainted with the ravages of malaria at a young age. Now, inspired by a deep spirituality and a love of chemistry, his invaluable contribution to the ongoing battle against this disease – among others – has been awarded an A rating by the National Research Foundation.


SADaCC Co-Facilitating Launch of First SCD Support Group in South Africa (Nakita Laing, Ambroise Wonkam)

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SADaCC in collaboration with the Genetic Counselling Department at the University of Cape Town recently hosted the Hughes family and their friends from the United States of America on the 13th and 14th of November 2017. The entourage included Mr. Hassan and Mrs. TaLana Hughes, their eldest daughter Hasana, son Hassan, daughter Tianha.