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Member Benefits 2018

The UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing is a non-profit organisation based at the University of Cape Town. The Institute is supported by Unilever South Africa and its mission is to develop our collective understanding of the South African consumer landscape. The Institute prides itself on producing primary research that feeds into business strategy, consumer insights and a general understanding of South Africa’s consumer narrative. Our research is used by leading companies and organisations, and our research has been published in both local and international journals. Our findings are primarily disseminated through nationwide presentations and workshops.

Members of the institute receive the following benefits

  1. Our latest research report Youth Report 2018 (Launched in August), including material not available to attendees of the launch events. Members will receive the following:
    • A Pdf of the Youth Report 2018
    • A MSPowerPoint version of the presentation (236 slides)
    • All report Video clips (custom produced and unique to the report)
    • A member’s pack with additional slide decks that include:
      • A unique 60 slide report called ‘Making sense of generational theory’
      • A slide deck with more detail on our findings around social media usage among South African’s in the 18-24 year age range.
      • A report summary
  1. A research library from past research material including:
    • 5 major project reports (including videos)
      • African Lions (sub-Sahara’s middle class) 2017
      • Aspiration Report 2016
      • The Majority Report II (Connecting with the Majority) 2014
      • 4 Million and Rising (Black Middle Class) 2013
      • The Majority Report (Survivors) 2012
    • Book: Marketing in South Africa: Consumer Landscape, concepts and cases (2017)
    • Re-Imagine Marketing in SA – Innovation in marketing in SA DVD
    • Forerunners (A documentary on South Africa’s emerging middle class) 2011
  1. Landscape 2018. A deck of presentations that act as an updated resource for marketers interested in key situational trends in South Africa.  An essential backdrop for any marketing strategy or pitch.
  1. Discounted rates to attend our seminars and for in-house presentations.

The membership fee of R18000 (ex vat) per annum contributes directly to ongoing research. Companies that are interested in partnering for new research initiatives can also contact us to discuss collaborative possibilities.