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Black Diamond on the Move

Black Diamond group

New information on important areas such as spending patterns, communication, media usage as well as the Black Diamond segments. This study drills down further into the market segments of the Black Diamonds to provide a comprehensive overview of how these different segments within the Black Diamond group comprise of, how they behave and how they feel about their situation and the brands they are exposed to.

This study was a direct follow on from the study in 2005, as it provided longitudinal information about how much this group of consumers had changed in 2 years.

The study concluded that there were 2.6 million Black Diamonds in 2007, which indicated an increase of 30% since 2005. They were worth R180 billion in 2007, and represented 28% of total SA spend. This meant an increase of average personal monthly income from R1 550 in 2005 to R1 650 in 2007

In the 2007 study it was also clear that 47% of Black Diamonds lived in the suburbs, indicating that 12 000 families, or 50 000 people had moved every month since 2005).

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