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My Home: Shelter, Shack or Showroom?

South African township shack

Is the home now viewed as a hideaway or a haven? How does this vary across the South African marketplace? My Home: Shelter, Shack or Showroom? looks at the vast array of different types of homes in South Africa and discusses their similarities and differences. It explores how the home operates as a social and buying unit, identifies valid trends and discusses the implications these have for marketers.

A segmentation was created on the basis of the AMPS dataset. The characteristics of ten types of South African home are listed and the project then looks at what the home space means to South African consumers. Results were presented in June 2005.

The dramatic growth of the home décor retail industry and home security systems are two trends that suggest – albeit for different reasons – that the home space is becoming an increasingly important one. This project aims to identify how people feel about their households from an aesthetic, security and functionality perspective.

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